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Meet the Team- Nicole Golub, Director of Sales

By February 25, 2021No Comments
Nicole Golub

Name: Nicole Golub

Title: Director of Sales

Where are you from and how long have you been at Rise?

I’m born and raised in downtown Chicago. I’ve never lived in a house, which I guess makes me about as city girl as they come. I’ve been at Rise since the beginning of June, wow. That’s crazy it’s already been nine months!

What first drew you to Rise Buildings/tech/real estate? Or how did you get your start working in PropTech?

I’ve been raised to live and breathe real estate and find the entire industry just fascinating. That being said, I always wanted to try something other than real estate to figure out what I truly enjoy doing. I started in digital media and technology my first few years out of college, and I felt that I was missing something. After leaving that job and getting my brokers license with plans to break into the real estate industry, Prasan convinced me that I could have the best of both worlds (technology and real estate) at Rise. After a few building tours and meeting some Rise stars, I decided to jump in with both feet and haven’t looked back since!

What is your role with Rise Buildings and in what way do you support the business or Rise Buildings customers?

I am Director of Sales at Rise Buildings. My job is to educate owners and operators of residential and commercial buildings that occupants need more than a gym and a pretty lobby. They need a true connection to the spaces they live and work in. There’s something so powerful about creating an environment based on transparency and efficiency, and that’s exactly what Rise does for clients. Technology is forcing the industry to actually listen to tenants and residents and allow them to create a transparent bond between not only other occupants, management, and staff, but to their physical buildings, and that’s more powerful than any ping pong table and free snacks I’ve ever had.

What do you like about working at Rise Buildings?

When you work for a company with such an impressive and robust product, a lot of times you just think it’s the product that makes you love working there. At Rise, that’s certainly the case, but I would also say it’s all of the brilliant masterminds that made Rise come to life. We truly are the real estate technology experts in the room and it’s exciting when clients feel that and get to experience our solution for themselves.

What’s a personal passion of yours in or outside of your work? 

I’ve been on a beach volleyball team for eight years now in Chicago. I remember subbing as a high schooler on random people’s teams and then I ended up starting one with my friends. My favorite part of Chicago summers are the beach volleyball leagues during the week. In 2019 before the world hit “pause”, I was playing on my past company’s team at North Avenue Beach and then running to play on my team right after at Ohio Street Beach. It was an extreme workout and our team actually ended up winning the championship!  So we still claim “Defending Champs” since the league went on hiatus in 2020.