Keep Your Staff and Occupants Safe and Connected – A Message from our CEO, Prasan Kale

We are undoubtedly experiencing a unique moment in time. There’s so much happening so fast, but, most importantly, I hope you and your families are all staying safe and healthy.

We’re receiving a lot of information about what’s going on under these circumstances. And, while I’m sure you’re being flooded with emails, the team at Rise Buildings is making every effort to use our technology to foster better real-time communication and connectivity for the real estate community and buildings around the country. Here’s how:

Emergency Communications at No Cost:

Every property manager should be able to connect instantly and directly with their occupants at the right time and via the right channel – no matter where they are. To meet that need, Rise is providing our Emergency Communications suite to any property that needs it, at NO COST whatsoever. Get more info here.

The Rise platform allows you to send notifications in-app, as well as via text, email, and automated voice call to the entire building population or just a subset of people. Rise will also cover any additional costs associated with text, voice call, and related server needs.

Rise integrates with most property management systems, so we can quickly and seamlessly deploy robust communications capabilities remotely, and with little effort from you or your staff.

Additionally, Rise offers many other powerful features that can help your property, including the ability to enable contactless building access, share Covid-19 related resources with occupants, and automate package and delivery management. To learn more about our full suite of capabilities, click here.

Our Commitment Now and Moving Forward:
When we are through this – and we will get through it – we want to look back and know that, when tested, we stayed true to our values. Connecting occupants and supporting communities is what we do. If we can help you, please reach out and we’ll do everything we can to assist you.

In the meantime, stay safe and take care of yourself and each other.